Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare a house for rental?

Morgans recommend that if you have a property to let all items of financial value (like antiques) & emotional value (like family keepsakes) are removed from a property. De-clutter and tidy all rooms and touch up paintwork where necessary. Discard any appliance that has faults and make sure sanitary ware items are all in good working order. Take the same approach with garden and garage trim and tidy and remove all non essential items, do not leave garden appliances unless specifically requested by the new tenant. 


How to get the best rental value?

Morgans rent fresh, clean & tidy properties in Milton Keynes faster and in most cases higher rents are achieved. Grubby, untidy and badly decorated properties will take a little longer to rent and encourage price bidding on rent values. If you have a house to let in Milton Keynes then come and talk to us.  We will help you to get started.


Is it best furnished or unfurnished?

Morgans would recommend if possible to offer any property with an either or option on furniture this way maximising on the interest from private & company tenants.


What legal certificates are required?

As part of Morgans property management service we can arrange all certificates for you. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory.  You need this before you are able to let the property. A valid Gas Safety Certificate is also mandatory. 


Do I need an Inventory?

Yes. Morgans suggests all Landlords have a photograhic inventory.  It is a written report and a photo display of each room in the property.  The condition is recorded.  Should there be any dispute between a Landlord and Tenant the inventory will clarify the condition before and after.  This will resolve any dispute and offers additional protection.  An Inventory is a vital element of a tenancy.  It helps to maintain the condition and quality of the property.


What about the garden?

Tenants are responsible for gardens and much prefer low maintenance designs for any rental property. Unlike the sales market big gardens are a turn off for many tenants. Morgans have arranged tenancies that include gardening services as part of the overall tenancy package. If properties do have lawns to maintain it is recommend that a lawn mower is provided as part of the Inventory.


What happens with the gas, electric, water & council tax?

As part of Morgans property management service we will advise the utility companies of the new tenancy.  You must contact the utility companies and settle your bills if you have been living in the property.  The new tenant will contact the utility companies and set up new accounts.  Morgans will read meters and advise you and the tenant of the readings (Landlords Please Note - Fully Managed Properties only).  Not all property letting agents in Milton Keynes offer this service.


Do I still need buildings & contents house insurance?

Morgans can arrange insurance for you.  All properties must have building insurance.  Contents are recommended to protect carpets and soft furnishings etc.  If you have a property to let then we would advise that you check existing insurances with your insurance company.


Do I need to inform my mortgage company?

Yes. Most mortgages have clauses in the agreements stating this.  Morgans recommends you contact your mortgage lender for confirmation.  If you are letting a property the mortgage company may have some additional requirements.


When is the rent paid out?

Morgans processes payments daily.  Rents are paid by BACS direct to the Landlord’s chosen account. Tenancy Agreements set the rent to be paid per calendar month. Not all property letting agents in Milton Keynes pay so promptly.


What happens if the tenant does not pay?

Morgans will contact the tenant by phone, email or hand delivered letter until rent is secured.  If rent remains unpaid Morgans will manage the legal pursuit.  Landlords will have to pay for court fees.  Each case will be approached individually.  Morgans prides itself in having a low rent arrears level due to the quick action taken to secure rent.


What happens if my property gets damaged?

The tenants will be pursued to pay for the damage.  If necessary cases will be managed with debt collectors or through the courts.  


You need to be sure the lettings agency has the right affiliations and credentials. Morgans is NALS licenced.  Morgans has Safe Agent Status.  We are members of the Ombudsman.  We have Client Money Protection Insurance.  If you have a property to rent you will be in safe hands.

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